Warm summer months and cool winters. Pack the right clothes for your trip. So that you can enjoy Lucerne and the surrounding area in every season.

Here you will find an overview of the current weather situation in Lucerne.

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Spring from March to May

Nature awakes from hibernation. The meadows bloom in all colors and the flowers on the trees start showing their beauty.

Average temperatures: 4.5 ° C to 12.5 ° C, with temperatures up to 25 ° C not uncommon in May.

Our spring tip: Enjoy a ride on the train to one of the surrounding mountains. From there you can observe the different vegetation layers. You'll be surprised! Spring pauses in the valley and it's still high winter in the alpine terrain.

Summer from June to August

Long summer days, warm temperatures and inviting natural landscapes. This is summer in central Switzerland.

Average temperatures: 15.5 ° C to 17 ° C. However, there are many summer days when the temperatures are above 25 ° C or even over 30 ° C.

Our summer tip: Take a dip in the lake or go on a boat trip. If the temperatures are too hot during the day, you can always cool down in the mountains. The temperatures in the summer are very pleasant there!

Autumn from September to November

It is a fantastic display of both green countryside and of autumn colours derived from the changing trees and leaves. Nevertheless, the daytime temperatures remain pleasantly warm.

Average temperatures: 4.1°C to 14°C. During the day, temperatures can still reach 20°C in September. However, the sun does not warm as much as it does in summer.

Our autumn tip: Enjoy a walk through the city of Lucerne or admire the colors of nature and the unobscured view of the mountains from the Musegg Wall. Autumn offers the perfect setting for hiking or biking for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Winter from December to February

When the city of Lucerne and the surrounding countryside are covered in a deep layer of snow. The region looks like a fairytale world with its white mountain landscape in the background.

Average temperatures: -0.5°C to 8.5°C. Temperatures regularly reach -10°C in January. It can also be much warmer than average in February.

Our winter tip: Are you looking for ultimate enjoyment in the snow and on the slopes? Be it for skiing, snowboarding or snow biking - the ski resorts in central Switzerland leave nothing to be desired.