Refurbishment and expansion of Alp

RuogigAlp Ruogig (1800 metres above sea level) on the Eggberge belongs to the Gisler family of mountain farmers. The Alp's standard of construction was extremely modest, so it was renovated and expanded in autumn 2017. A new living room-kitchen, a new bathroom, two new bedrooms and a processing room for cheese and yoghurt were built under the direction of Max Dubach (Lucerne-Pilatus Kiwanis Club). The renovation was completed in September 2018 and was celebrated with a party.
It was a matter of honour for Alessandro Pedrazzetti, also a member of the Lucerne-Pilatus Kiwanis Club, to lend a hand with the remodelling and to support the project with a donation.

Water for Water

As one of Wasser für Wasser's catering partners, we offer tap water, as well as branded water, at a self-determined price. 100% of the income from the sale of tap water is donated to WfW's project work in Africa.
WfW promotes drinking tap water, raises awareness of the value of water and integrates the act of donating into everyday life. These donations enable the development of sustainable access to drinking water and basic sanitation in urban areas in Zambia and Mozambique.