Vision, Mission and our Values

We are your host in Lucerne!
We uphold the highest of standards in the kitchen within room service management and of the education and training of our employees, which characterizes our success. The personal roots in the south of Switzerland are reflected in our culinary and spatial ambience. We are unique in central Switzerland.
We are connected when it comes to tourism, culture, events, sports and nature in Lucerne.
We cultivate a culture of commitment, transparency and appreciation to our guests, employees and partners. We strive for long-term, sustainable success, develop innovations and invest in the future. We belong to the top 10 hotels in Lucerne.

The focus is on you!
The personally managed Continental Park hotel with our Bellini Locanda Ticinese in the center of Lucerne stands for high quality guest service.
The focus is on you - whether as a private or business traveler, as a seminar or event organizer.

We take time for you!
Personal responsibility, commitment, transparency and appreciation are lived and promoted here.
We always treat our guests, partners and employees professionally and with respect.
Sustainability with all our resources is very important to us throughout the company: be it in the kitchen, the premises or in the areas of services.
We think and act with foresight and communicate quickly.
We measure ourselves by customer satisfaction and strive for the highest quality standards.
We are constantly developing our services and processes for a successful and secure future.

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