Bellini Locanda Ticinese

Dear guests

The Bellini Locanda Ticinese restaurant is only open for the hotel guests.

Furthermore the “Bellini Negozio” (our Ticino shop) is open, where you can buy pizza and daily lunches over the counter, as well as Ticino specialties. Find out more here.

All in compliance with federal regulations. We promise you unforgettable experiences.

We are looking forward to welcome you soon.

Family Pedrazzetti and the whole hotel team


We are passionate about always finding new things to offer in our Bellini Locanda Ticinese. Enjoy wines from small producers in Ticino: Salametti from Donato, Mattioli from Lavorgo, Alpine cheeses such as Piora, Fieudo and Manegorio from Leventina, fresh cheeses and Zincarlin from the Valle di Muggio and much more. We have worked hard at expanding our offerings and gained new Ticino producers in recent years. It fills us with joy and pride that we are oltre Gottardo, the largest Ticino representative and that we are well known by the producers in Ticino.

We start filling our pantries when summer is over and it gets golden in the fall Thanks to traditional techniques such as drying, salting and other techniques, our products are sustainable throughout the winter. All these products form the basis of our nature-based menu. Even the game we kill ourselves comes from Centovalli and Pilatus.

Enjoy a very special atmosphere with us, we look forward to seeing you.

Capacity: 120

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