La Capriola

We exemplify social integration every day. Because it is an essential part of our family-run hotel and culture.

We have successfully been collaborating with the La Capriola Foundation, which trains young people with learning difficulties, as a partner company since 2011. We help learners acquire the necessary skills they need and accompany and support them throughout their apprenticeships. Young people lay the foundation for their entry into working life during their training in our restaurant and kitchen, house keeping department, and reception desk.

The course for a future professional career is set with the La Capriola's 3-pillar concept "Training - Life - Work". Training centers, professional partner companies and close social-pedagogical support, for example with housing and recreation, all help to strengthen young people's social and self-competence at all levels.

We are proud that we are able to make a significant contribution to the hotel and catering industry through our social commitment and close cooperation with La Capriola. This is dear to hearts and par for the course for us.

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